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*Note: For iPhone, after downloading, you need to trust the developer before you can run the application. Please go to "Settings"> "General"> "Device Management"> "TRUST"> "All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd"

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🥽How to contact 918KISS customer service?
If you need to register for an account, recharge credit or withdrawal services, please feel free to contact us. Here, we are waiting for your own voice to interact with you. Our customer service center works 24 hours a day, 7 days a day, one day or night. you deserved.

🥼What good news makes many players continue to play 918KISS/SCR888?
918KISS has an astonishing number of different mini online casino games, generating 300 types. Players only need to install 918KISS to find these games, and they can play any game between these games. Players do not need to install any other applications in these games to take up more space.

The second factor that makes 918KISS better than other online casino games is that it has the highest security access system. Individuals will not easily activate when identifying someone’s account to avoid any invalid access issues. Someone's private information will not be disclosed or protected by security.

Third, 918KISS creates a sport that attracts players by improving players' satisfaction with 918KISS. 918KISS will give away many points for free to any players who share the current 918KISS advertisement, and there are even more activities waiting for them to win.

🎁Where can I download 918KISS?
Please visit our official website: Check the appropriate version carefully, then download 918KISS.

How to register 918KISS/SCR888 account ID?
Sign up for our customer service. You can choose to contact others via Whatsapp, online chat, telegram or WeChat. These communication tools are always online, and our customer service will contact you as soon as possible. People over 21 can join.

How to get a 918KISS / SCR888 demo account?
You can get a demo of our customer service for free. If necessary, please contact us. Thank you for your support.